Danny Lynn Wilson

January 9th, 2019

After years of traveling along life’s dusty roads, Danny Lynn Wilson has emerged sharing his “Peace of Mind” - a personal collection of Original Roots recordings expressing his profound inner experiences. Polished with the persistent help of his band and the grinding force of time, these songs received a new breath when Danny was introduced to Grammy-nominated producer/multi-instrumentalist Dave Gross. The addition of the subtle nuances of Dave’s skill transcend the music to a higher dimension. Guided by the natural ebb and flow of the universe they freely explore themes such as love, longing and kindness through the blues while challenging the listening to become a better person.

Throughout all the ups and downs, Danny has discovered the power in the intimate connection of the universal language that is music. His honest approach to song writing encourages all that the everyday struggle is worth the experience garnered as we travel through life. By maintaining the belief that he is forever a beginner, child-like insight comes humming effortlessly over his humble voice on tunes such as “Long Way Home”, “Love Only You” and “Peace of Mind.” Above all, this album portrays a majestic triumph over darkness, convincing us to look for the positive despite what life throws in our direction.

If you have peace of mind, you can find happiness under the most difficult circumstances.

In 2003, Danny recorded a Bluegrass/Dixieland album entitled “Adventures of the Rooftop Jammers.” Touring for the project was put on hold due to life’s other plans but the album features such memorable songs as Skin Deep and Sad Song Life.

Primal Blues was released in 1997 and garnered recognition from “CMJ” College Music Journal as it was awarded ‘Best Independent Release.”

On “Lookin’ Up” which was released in 1994, Danny experimented by incorporating horns to give the album a more traditional big band swing. Musician’s Magazine recognized the effort by awarding him as being one of the “Best 100 Unsigned Bands.”

Danny Lynn Wilson recorded his first album, “Lovers and Fools” in 1992 based on traditional Chicago Blues. Tracks from this received airplay on WBFO and other radio stations in the WNY area.

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